Five Sullivan Brothers 5k/10k, Waterloo, Iowa

Five Sullivan Brothers 5k/10k, Waterloo, Iowa

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year and New Starts!

Started off the year with a wonderful indoor 5K with Tina!  Felt so good to start the year off running.  I had a super GREAT week last week putting on LOTS of miles.  Christmas vacation made it much easier!  Hopefully this next couple of months will continue to be just as easy.  Committed to the half-marathon in March so I do NEED to keep increasing my mileage on my long runs or finishing in under 2 hours 30 min will be hopeless.  I recently joined the website and have been super impressed with the support and kindness of the people!  Lots of the people are putting on TONS of miles per week and have really impressed me. 

My Running Resolutions for the year are

#1  Run a Half-Marathon 13.1 miles in under 2 hours 30 minutes.
#2  Run a 5k in under 28 minutes
#3  Keep encouraging my friends to RUN and HAVE FUN!
#4  NOT be an annoyance to my Family and Friends as I try to make my Running Goals
#5  Keep having FUN with Running and learn to RELAX about times!  Realize I am NEVER going to be the fastest and realize that "THAT'S OKAY!" 

Happy Running to ALL!--Steph

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