Five Sullivan Brothers 5k/10k, Waterloo, Iowa

Five Sullivan Brothers 5k/10k, Waterloo, Iowa

Monday, June 15, 2015

Dew point? What's it matter?

I am not a hot weather runner girl at all.  In fact, I'd much rather run outside with temperatures below 30 degrees.  But this whole commitment I've made to run the half is going to make running outside this summer a necessity.  It's going to be essential for me to make sure my pace is adjusted for the temperature and dew point.  I've included some information below to detail how to adjust runs for the summer heat.

There are other neat charts available to use to that also allow you to add the temperature and dew point together and adjust your pace accordingly.  

Interested in more reading? Check this out!!

Run Happy! :)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

5 miles complete (13 weeks to the half)

I've been stressing out over training and having to follow a plan and worried about increasing my mileage in this hot Iowa heat.  I want to follow a running plan that going to be easy to follow and manage. A plan that is semi-flexible that will allow me to build up my weekly long run gradually.    

I've been contemplating exploring the idea of the run/walk method that Jeff Galloway says will decrease your chance of injury.  I've copied some information from his website below that details his method.  :)

The Galloway Run Walk Run method

• A smart way to run – by giving you cognitive control over each workout.
• Allows you to carry on all of your life activities – even after long runs
• Motivates beginners to get off of the couch and run
• Bestows running joy to non-stop runners who had given up
• Helps improve finish times in all races
• Gives all runners control over fatigue
• Delivers all of the running enhancements without exhaustion or pain

I've never stopped running, but have kept my average runs to about 3-4 miles for the past couple of years.  I have run 2-3 times per week in a VERY non-stress kind of way, just to keep myself healthy and reduce stress.  I've run very few times with my garmin to reduce the stress and get out to just "feel the run".

Since I have officially committed to running the Park to Park half in Sept, I figured I should get kind of serious and start to "plan" how I was going to increase my mileage to get up to a long run of 10-11 miles before the half.  

Options I've explored.  

Plan #1 

  • 16 weeks 
  • 3 runs per week
  • increase long runs by .5 miles each week and the other two runs are half the long run  ie. 2.5 miles, 2.5 miles, 5 miles 

Plan #2 
  • 12 weeks 
  • 4 runs per week 
  • run/walk intervals
  • cross training 1 day per week 
Plan #3 MY modified PLAN (keep my sanity plan)
  • 13 weeks
  • 3 total runs per week 
  • 1 long run 
  • 1 fastish run
  • cross train 2 days per week 
  •  run/walk method 4:1 
Results AFTER the first RUN  

It was 81 degrees with a real feel of 83. . .66% humidity and dew point 69 degrees.  

Moving Time:53:05
Elapsed Time:53:05
Avg Pace:10:32 min/mi
Avg Moving Pace:10:32 min/mi
Best Pace:7:15 min/mi
  Best pace was at the end.  :)  

I feel pretty happy that I was able to keep a pace in the 10's with a 4:1 ratio and with it being crazy hot and humid.  This just might be what I need.  My run. My pace.  My plan.  My happy.  

Run Happy!  

And so it begins. . . .again!

I am 90 % sure that I am going to sign up and officially commit to another half (Park to Park) in Cedar Falls on September 12.  This is a half that I have done before so I do know what to expect.  This does not diminish my nervousness. . .  

My top ten reasons to do another half. .  . .Can I inspire myself?  

10.  I REALLY like music. . .and nature
9.  It's low maintenance fitness--might as well stay in shape for summer 
8.  Another solid worthwhile challenge for me. . but doable
7.  It would be another AWESOME before "40" thing to do!
6.  Some friends from work are going to do too. . .I wouldn't be alone :)
5.  I'm 39--I feel great, I might as well use it while I got it ;-)
4.  It will prepare me for the TOUGH MUDDER in OCTOBER!
3.  I am not going to WIN, but I will finish (Time DOES NOT matter) 13.1 miles is pretty badass. . .  
2.  I love the runners high--less stress=happy mom=happy family
1.  Because I can. . . .why the hell not? I don't have anything to prove to anyone. . 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Completed the Half!

Well after much worrying about the decision to sign up, dealing with the IT injury, weekly visits to the PT, and analyzing each and every run as a motivator or deflator, I COMPLETED A HALF-MARATHON!  And boy did it feel SUPER.  Official race time of 2 hours 15 min and 8 seconds. .

Tina and I left for Emmetsburg at about 2:15 on Friday while our friend Carrie (our super cheerleader) met us up there at about 7:00pm.  The drive to Emmetsburg was long and uneventful with the race day excitement keeping the smile on our faces.  We promptly picked up our race packets :-) with the coolest green shirts and the race numbers #1 for me and #10 for Tina.  I thought the numbers were slightly ironic for some reason and very fitting that Tina got a #10 and was running her 10K.  We then checked into our hotel room and got semi-settled in and I opened the most wonderful gift that made me cry.  We waited for Carrie to arrive and then decided to drive our race routes to see what it was like.    We had a quick Subway sandwich and went to bed fairly early--10ish.  :-)

The alarm promptly woke us up about 6 and Tina and I calmly showered and got race ready.  Putting on some make-up!  Some may think that's a bit vain, but I know I am not going to take a great picture after the race, so I might as well look half-way decent for the pre-race ones.  We arrive at the Iowa Lakes Wellness Center and take our last 2 potty breaks before the race start. 

I ran down a couple of blocks to the start of the half-and felt surprisingly calm.  Only a bit nervous, but nothing too bad.  I talked with a couple of girls waiting and asked them if this was their first.  It wasn't and they were hoping to break the 2:00 mark.  I guess I wouldn't be keeping pace with them.  :-( 

The race started off fairly relaxed and I kept watching my GPS to make sure that I wasn't starting off too quickly.  My legs felt SO relaxed and I didn't have any of the hip tenderness or calf tightening that sometimes happens until my body relaxes into the run.  There was a slight fog in the air with the air temp running at 30 or a little cooler.  It didn't take long for most of the runners to stretch out and get some distance between them. 

I followed two friends talking, yellow shirt guy, and black jacket lady for the longest time.  At about 3 miles I walked at the first water stop for I'm guessing 20 seconds or so and was trying to decide whether to carry my water or toss it.  (unfortunately tossed the half-full bottle)  Between miles 3-6, I pass the friends talking. 

At mile 6 the girl just ahead of me snagged the last water (which kinda irritated me cause she had a gatorade stashed less than a mile up the road) and I was wishing I had decided to carry my water from mile 3.  Shortly after that the yellow shirt guy started to walk more often and I was able to pass him.  I did notice at this point there was a different guy not too far behind me.  He must have continued to lose pace, because he wasn't in my shadow for over a couple of miles. 

Miles 7-9 were on gravel, which wasn't all that terrible to run on.  It was easier on the legs than the pavement actually.  I was trying to decide if I should eat one of my gels (with no water), but was worried it could upset my stomach and having passed the porto potty at mile 6, I was slightly worried.  I decided I would hold off as long as I could, but kept worrying about whether I would get water at the next stop.  I kept trying to relax and was getting kind of emotional out running by myself knowing that I was over half-way there.  I tried not to look at my garmin too much. 

9-10 Yeah for water!  I walked to swallow a gel and some yummy water.  Now realizing that I am on the home stretch with basically a 5k left to run.  I kept thinking about Tina at the finish line and wanting to see her reaction to her husband driving 3 hours just to watch her cross the finish line.  At this point the wind is blowing a bit, and is kind of chilly.  It wasn't exactly a head wind, but not at my back either.  It definitely didn't help me go faster. 

Miles 11-13  I tried to put the miles into perspective of things I could relate to.  I know 2 miles is up to Poyner and back, so I could definitely do that.  Also interestingly enough, there were stamped numbers on the highway that kept me focused on knocking down the miles.  Getting slightly emotional at this point, but trying to keep my mind on the run.   

Miles 12.6--MY FAVORITE MOMENT!  I am coming close to the end and see Tina on the side of the road and I literally break into a sobbing mess!  I was so happy to see her and at that moment, I had realized how far I had come and how wonderful this journey is.  She ran the last few tenths with me until I noticed on my GPS how close I was to 2:15 and sprinted to the finish line. 

After crossing the finish line, I was SO happy and elated.  It was so emotional and so unbelievable that I actually completed the half and made my goal.  My friend Carrie and my brother Jon were there to share my joy.  Hugging my brother at the end, and knowing how proud he was made me feel really special.  I don't care how many people were behind me or how many people were ahead of me, this was my journey and I did it. 

This truly was a GREAT race day!  I was so happy to be there for Tina and share in her wonderful accomplishment in completing her first 10K completed in 1hr 4min :-).  She did an amazing job and I was very proud to share in her joy.  I hope she always knows how special she is to me and how proud I am of everything that she has accomplished.  Such an amazingly perfect day and I am so happy we were all able to share it together.  --steph

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Two weeks away!

Todays run of just over 11 miles went super great!  Tried to keep my pace relaxed and just wanted to make it through the run.  A little bit of a twinge in my hip, but I adjusted my stride slightly to try and manage it.  It never did get very bad so I was super glad about that.   Got approval from the doctor for another 4 physical therapy appointments, just to get me through the half!  Things are going well at the moment and I want to stay on top of the healing!  :-) 

Ran the first part of the run with Lisa and the second half with Tina!  I definitely wouldn't have made it without being able to run with the girls, it's amazing how much I rely on them to keep me going.  I am so impressed with how well they do!  :-)   

A couple of times during the run, I had to focus on things other than running and tried counting really slow to refocus my energy.  It helped, though I never really did make it past counting to 15 :-).  

I am super excited right now for the half, even though having not run 13.1 has me slightly worried.  I am hoping that the excitement of "Race Day" will get me through the extra 1.75 that I will need. 

Tina today did her full 6.2 miles today!  She did sign up for the 10K and I have the utmost confidence that she will do GREAT!   --Steph 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Taking in Semi-Easy

Well after my last two "long" runs, I had been having some super intense hip pain that felt like a burning sensation.  Last Sunday after my 11.27 miles (training for the half), I couldn't walk without limping the next day and the pain didn't dissipate after a while.  I decided to give the doctor a call (paranoid) about not being able to run for the half and see what is going on.  Referred to a physical therapist for some exercises and such.  My first visit confirmed that I have an IT band issue.  Apparently after doing some research on the internet, this is fairly common in runners.  Caused by a few things some including:  running the same direction around a hard surface track (yep), increasing your training distance too quickly (yep), and overpronation (yep).  The PT did a few stretches with me, a deep tissue ultrasound that I didn't feel, and DIDN'T tell me not to run (thank goodness).  But disclaimer inserted--rest is the best cure. 

I did take a day of rest on Monday.  Decided to do a short 2.5 on the Treadmill to see how it felt on Tuesday.  (not too bad-only a little bit sore) And Today (wednesday) went for a nice 3 mile run outside with Tina to test out some things.  Felt pretty good once again, but could tell there was still some tenderness.  Made sure to stretch REALLY good about 5 min into our run and again after getting home.  Also did some foam roller exercises concentrating on the IT band on my left side.  Tender at first, but it did improve! 

My major worries ARE/WERE 1.) that running would now be painful (which wouldn't be much fun) 2.) that I wouldn't be ready for the half and 3.) that I would hugely disappointment myself with all the hard work I have done. 

I am seriously taking it EASIER than last week and listening to how my body feels.  If it hurts too bad to run longer distances, I am going to stretch it out and slow it down as much as I can.  This weekend is kind of the DO or DIE weekend.  I am going to COMMIT for sure to do the half. I truly can't see myself quitting now, even if I have to modify my goals. --Steph 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

10 down 3.1 to go!

Ran 10 miles yesterday with one stop at 60 min for less than 2 minutes for a drink of water!  It was really difficult and for sure wouldn't have been able to continue without Tina joining me for the last 4 miles.  Got home and was having a little bit of a muscle ache in my hip, but took some ibuprofen and all is well this morning.  There were a couple times I wanted to stop (not walk-STOP), but I trucked through it with a pretty good pace of 10:25 per mile.  I did realize that I HATE out and back routes.  We went around the lake 3 times and was supposed to go a fourth, but I realized that I didn't need to go that way to get my mileage in so I turned and took a different path.  At the end of the run, at exactly 10 miles, I stopped and walked the last couple of blocks home.  I must have been tired, because normally I would just finish the whole way home and then stop the GPS.  Next week is 11 miles and I am hoping that it is a bit easier. 

Hubby goes to Wyoming this week and the weather should be GREAT for runs outside!  I am hoping that it works out to complete mostly outside runs this week so I don't have to run on the TM! 

VERY optimistic about the half on March 19!  whoot hoot! --steph