Five Sullivan Brothers 5k/10k, Waterloo, Iowa

Five Sullivan Brothers 5k/10k, Waterloo, Iowa

Saturday, January 29, 2011

8.75 miles Baby!

Wow!  I loved, loved, loved today's run.  My goal was 8, but just felt like I could go and go!  Tina and I had planned an inside run, but the weather was pretty nice temperature wise, so we decided to go for it outside.  I knew I would need at least an hour and a half in order to make 8 miles, so we decided I would do a 45 minute loop and do the first half by myself and then pick Tina up on the 2nd half so she could get her run in and keep me going for my miles. 

About an hour after we decided to NOT run inside, it started to snow.  The flakes were coming down pretty steadily and I was slightly starting to regret the decision to run outside, but unfortunately time was too short to get a long run inside at this point.  I left an hour earlier than we had planned for our outside run to beat some snow accumulation and hopefully make the run not too difficult.  The temp was GREAT, but the slight wind and snow made running to the west a little bit irritating and I had to kinda keep my head down. 

I was so happy to finally meet Tina and basically take the same route around the lake again.  It was so nice, but honestly I was worried at sometimes that I would have to slow her down so I would be able to keep up the pace for 8 miles. 

We decided to stay on mostly trail and avoid as much west running as possible.  We ran past our houses and kept it up for another half mile, before we finally said that we had had enough and stopped!  We were both on a super runner's high with icy eyebrows and eyelashes.  It was the best EVER!  :-)  I love it when you feel like you can run ON and ON! --Steph

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Running Fool!

I have been running about 20 miles a week for the last 3 weeks!  I feel SUPER good about this, considering my weekly mileage was about 12 before.  The half is approaching fast and I still feel a little big nervous about it, but will NOT worry about my speed as long as I can keep increasing my distances.  I am trying NOT to get super bummed about not having my girls to run with on a regular basis.  I don't know why it has bothered me so much, but just having them there as really motivated me to keep going. 

I am relieved that the weather is finally starting to get a bit warmer.  I was able to get out tonight with Tina to go for a little run and on Monday for a little run that kicked my butt for some reason.  I seemed to dress too warm and was having difficulty with the snow packed trails.  It was a nice run of over 3 miles, but I had to keep encouraging myself NOT to walk.  Tonight was PERFECT!  The pace was nice and relaxed and I felt so proud of how Tina did!  :-) 

One frustration I am having right now is getting a friend to start exercising.  She is having difficulty with her feet hurting and just feeling yucky overall or just TOO busy and preoccupied with everything else.  I know that if she just started SLOW, she would feel better, but not sure how to encourage her without pushing her. 
And really maybe I should relax--not everyone needs to be a runner/walker, and I should lay off!  Hmmmm! 

I really have tried to get some other girls to start running on my days when I run inside, but only a few minimal bites.  Tomorrow my goal is to get 5 miles in AT LEAST and then hope for a long run of UGH 8 miles on Saturday or Sunday!  My last run of 7 miles, just sorta came easy and really hope that the "8" feels the same way. 

I am now thinking that running has leveled off and become something that I don't have to STRUGGLE at when I am going at a slow relaxed pace and that feels SO GOOD.   I have been trying to challenge myself more on the treadmill, increasing my speed at each 1/4 mile.  This has gone well and I will continue to do that when I can't run outside or hit the inside track. 

As far as the weather, I am NOT really looking forward to the hot days of summer and running outside.  It gets SO hot and running when it's cooler really seems easier to me.  As long as the weather is 15 degrees or so warmer with little wind, I am in heaven outside running.  It's easier for me to stay warm than it is to cool off!  So for now, going to enjoy the cool weather and be the running fool! --Steph

Thursday, January 20, 2011

7 miles! whoo hoo!

Ran my longest run ever tonight at Young Arena!  It was super fabulous except for the fact that I was SOLO!  boo hoo!  It was pretty busy, and I had to weave in and out of the walkers at times, but felt fantastic afterwords.  I was only planning on doing 4 miles, but after my shins stopped hurting, I felt like I could go on and on.  I probably could have gone farther, but Dad was watching the kiddos and I knew I had been gone a LONG time already.  Yeah for a long run!  I am feeling pretty confident right now about the half-marathon at the end of March!  :-) --Steph

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ugh to the WEATHER!

Lots going on the past week and unfortunately haven't been able to run as much as I have wanted, but I have enjoyed the wonderful/needed time spent with family.  A couple miles here and there has been okay, and a couple later night TM runs have kept me sane though! 

A couple of things are really bumming me out lately.  First, Lisa has joined a WONDERFUL program for the next 10 weeks, and unfortunately that is impacting her running with Tina and I :-(.  I am SO happy for her and know she is going to do great, but I do miss running with her.  Secondly, Tina has started up her Semester classes of college and has class most days until 8 or 9pm :-(.  I didn't think I would be so bummed NOT being able to count on them as partners, but I really am.  Even if we aren't running together around the Young Arena track, it is just really nice being there with them!  They are two excellent motivators and I really looked forward to time at Young running with them.  But I know these are just temporary and once the weather warms up, it won't be so bad running later again.  :-) 

Also, this WEEK, the weather is COLD, and as much as I like to run outside, I don't really feel like running with negative wind chills!  Last night, I had a fantastic slow run on "my new friend" the Treadmill!  (I should give it a name!  hmmmm...) Was only going to run about 30 min, but was feeling the groove and ran for about an hour!  Whoot Whoot!  I was SUPER happy with that!  Maybe a quick run with Tina tonight at Young if she gets done from class early enough! 

Hoping to do another long run on the indoor track on Saturday, if it works out!  --crossing my fingers

--Happy Running---Steph 

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year and New Starts!

Started off the year with a wonderful indoor 5K with Tina!  Felt so good to start the year off running.  I had a super GREAT week last week putting on LOTS of miles.  Christmas vacation made it much easier!  Hopefully this next couple of months will continue to be just as easy.  Committed to the half-marathon in March so I do NEED to keep increasing my mileage on my long runs or finishing in under 2 hours 30 min will be hopeless.  I recently joined the website and have been super impressed with the support and kindness of the people!  Lots of the people are putting on TONS of miles per week and have really impressed me. 

My Running Resolutions for the year are

#1  Run a Half-Marathon 13.1 miles in under 2 hours 30 minutes.
#2  Run a 5k in under 28 minutes
#3  Keep encouraging my friends to RUN and HAVE FUN!
#4  NOT be an annoyance to my Family and Friends as I try to make my Running Goals
#5  Keep having FUN with Running and learn to RELAX about times!  Realize I am NEVER going to be the fastest and realize that "THAT'S OKAY!" 

Happy Running to ALL!--Steph

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Great start to the New Year! :)

Wow what a great start to the new year! Ran a 5k with my sis Steph! It's great to have such great company when running keeps you moving , other than the fabulous music you listen to! We weren't able to run outside with the windchills as cold as they were , so we changed it up a bit and went to my sister's school where she teaches and ran thru the halls! I would also like to thank my lil cheerleader Becca for cheering me on when I passed thru she even made me a #1 runner award ! YAY! Thanks Becca your the best! Excited to keep running and hopeing to do a few more 5k's in early spring! :) ---- Tina