Five Sullivan Brothers 5k/10k, Waterloo, Iowa

Five Sullivan Brothers 5k/10k, Waterloo, Iowa

Thursday, January 20, 2011

7 miles! whoo hoo!

Ran my longest run ever tonight at Young Arena!  It was super fabulous except for the fact that I was SOLO!  boo hoo!  It was pretty busy, and I had to weave in and out of the walkers at times, but felt fantastic afterwords.  I was only planning on doing 4 miles, but after my shins stopped hurting, I felt like I could go on and on.  I probably could have gone farther, but Dad was watching the kiddos and I knew I had been gone a LONG time already.  Yeah for a long run!  I am feeling pretty confident right now about the half-marathon at the end of March!  :-) --Steph


  1. Can't wait to run a race so we can change that picture....hehehehehe :) I look so big in that photo.