Five Sullivan Brothers 5k/10k, Waterloo, Iowa

Five Sullivan Brothers 5k/10k, Waterloo, Iowa

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Taking in Semi-Easy

Well after my last two "long" runs, I had been having some super intense hip pain that felt like a burning sensation.  Last Sunday after my 11.27 miles (training for the half), I couldn't walk without limping the next day and the pain didn't dissipate after a while.  I decided to give the doctor a call (paranoid) about not being able to run for the half and see what is going on.  Referred to a physical therapist for some exercises and such.  My first visit confirmed that I have an IT band issue.  Apparently after doing some research on the internet, this is fairly common in runners.  Caused by a few things some including:  running the same direction around a hard surface track (yep), increasing your training distance too quickly (yep), and overpronation (yep).  The PT did a few stretches with me, a deep tissue ultrasound that I didn't feel, and DIDN'T tell me not to run (thank goodness).  But disclaimer inserted--rest is the best cure. 

I did take a day of rest on Monday.  Decided to do a short 2.5 on the Treadmill to see how it felt on Tuesday.  (not too bad-only a little bit sore) And Today (wednesday) went for a nice 3 mile run outside with Tina to test out some things.  Felt pretty good once again, but could tell there was still some tenderness.  Made sure to stretch REALLY good about 5 min into our run and again after getting home.  Also did some foam roller exercises concentrating on the IT band on my left side.  Tender at first, but it did improve! 

My major worries ARE/WERE 1.) that running would now be painful (which wouldn't be much fun) 2.) that I wouldn't be ready for the half and 3.) that I would hugely disappointment myself with all the hard work I have done. 

I am seriously taking it EASIER than last week and listening to how my body feels.  If it hurts too bad to run longer distances, I am going to stretch it out and slow it down as much as I can.  This weekend is kind of the DO or DIE weekend.  I am going to COMMIT for sure to do the half. I truly can't see myself quitting now, even if I have to modify my goals. --Steph 

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